The corporate events do nos slip from our spectacular nature and magic.

Corporate Services

The corporate events do not slip from our spectacular nature and magic.

As an event planning company we understand the market, that is why we offer a wide range of services that can adapt to the capability and needs of our executive and government customers: our

creative and technical teams do before every project, a previous evaluation that allow us to have a very objective and punctual analysis from the event.

We are versatile in the creation, management and set up that surrounds the event planning in: industrial fairs, symposiums, governance report, industrial forums, industrial facilities inauguration, showcases and more.

We have made more than 900 corporate** and government events, which allows us to offer leading edge and high quality solutions.

Direccion de eventos Events managment Our konw how make us offer you one of the most recognized services in Mexico in terms of events planning and logistics. With this service we are capable of develop products launches and presentations, audio design, lighting design, production layout, radio comunication, simultaneous traduction, and more activities that guarantee the succes of your event. Gestion de equipo Team management and resources Our intellectual, technical and technological resources come together to build a team that is the key point for all our services, guaranteeing a vision and access to upgraded platforms. Our products go from: event videos, high fidelity audio, last generation of lightning resources, light plants, etc. Aplicaciones empresariales Corporate Applications Leave our print, that is our guideline; making an unforgettable industrial or corporate event characterized by its organization capacity, but above all the thoughtful host for their guests. That is why we have developed a big variety of applications for corporate events: runways, press conferences, cocktails, lectures, congress.

Don´t wait any longer and let´s start planning your ideal event.